Welcome To Maatouk Website!!

We are proud to offer you our various and unique range of products starting with our unique coffee taste.

1 - New Maatouk Branches will be introduced in Arab countries.

2- We welcome you to be an agent of our products on any arab and gulf countries.

3- Maatouk Coffee has the pleasure to prepare your wedding / newly born souvenirs such as chocolate, draget and promotional gifts.

4- Coffee drinking in the world:

The three biggest coffee drinkers in the world are the Americans, the French and the Germans. They consume some 65% of the total world's consumption of coffee.

In the last three centuries, 90% of all people living in the Western world have switched from tea to coffee.

Japan is now the third largest consumer of coffee. They even know to improve their skin, and reduce wrinkles, by bathing in coffee grounds that were fermented with pineapple pulp. Amazing! Beats mud-bathing.